Criminal Minds, Season 8

Criminal Minds, Season 8

Criminal Minds

  • Жанр: Drama
  • Дата Релиза: 2012-09-26
  • Рекомендации: TV-14
  • Эпизод: 23
  • Цена на iTunes: USD 19.99
  • Цена на iTunes HD: 19.99 USD
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Season eight of the drama begins with Alex Blake's (Jeanne Tripplehorn) first case with the BAU, in which the team travels to Texas after an ambulance carrying an UnSub known as "The Silencer" overturns on a highway. In their subsequent cases, the BAU travels to the West Coast after the bodies of two unrelated victims are dragged to their deaths behind cars in San Diego and Los Angeles; in Oregon the team struggles to find a link between four men who go missing; later, the BAU profile an UnSub who surgically removes legs, often leading to the deaths of his test subjects. Meanwhile, Reid's personal and professional life collide as he becomes romantically attached to a scientist whom he only speaks to over the phone, but she may be harboring a dark secret.


1The Silencer41:33USD 1.99 На Айтюнс
2The Pact43:18USD 1.99 На Айтюнс
3Through the Looking Glass43:59USD 1.99 На Айтюнс
4God Complex42:19USD 1.99 На Айтюнс
5The Good Earth42:13USD 1.99 На Айтюнс
6The Apprenticeship42:52USD 1.99 На Айтюнс
7The Fallen42:53USD 1.99 На Айтюнс
8The Wheels on the Bus...41:20USD 1.99 На Айтюнс
9Magnificent Light41:45USD 1.99 На Айтюнс
10The Lesson43:27USD 1.99 На Айтюнс
11Perennials41:25USD 1.99 На Айтюнс
12Zugzwang41:45USD 1.99 На Айтюнс
13Magnum Opus41:51USD 1.99 На Айтюнс
14All That Remains44:07USD 1.99 На Айтюнс
15Broken42:37USD 1.99 На Айтюнс
16Carbon Copy41:29USD 1.99 На Айтюнс
17The Gathering42:16USD 1.99 На Айтюнс
18Restoration43:37USD 1.99 На Айтюнс
19Pay It Forward41:09USD 1.99 На Айтюнс
20Alchemy41:45USD 1.99 На Айтюнс
21Nanny Dearest43:37USD 1.99 На Айтюнс
22#643:11USD 1.99 На Айтюнс
23Brothers Hotchner / The Replicator 1:23:52USD 1.99 На Айтюнс

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