Batman: The Animated Series, Vol. 1

Batman: The Animated Series, Vol. 1

Batman: The Animated Series

  • Жанр: Animation
  • Дата Релиза: 2008-06-28
  • Рекомендации: TV-G
  • Эпизод: 28
  • Цена на iTunes: USD 19.99
  • Цена на iTunes HD: 24.99 USD
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Vowing to avenge the murder of his wealthy parents, Bruce Wayne devotes his life to wiping out lawlessness in Gotham City. The Dark Knight joins Robin and Batgirl, battling his inner demons as well as the evil figures who bedevil him. Volume 1 features appearances from villains the Joker, Scarecrow, and others.


1On Leather Wings22:19USD 1.99 На Айтюнс
2Christmas With the Joker22:16USD 1.99 На Айтюнс
3Nothing to Fear22:16USD 1.99 На Айтюнс
4The Last Laugh22:15USD 1.99 На Айтюнс
5Pretty Poison22:17USD 1.99 На Айтюнс
6The Under-Dwellers22:17USD 1.99 На Айтюнс
7P.O.V.22:11USD 1.99 На Айтюнс
8Forgotten22:17USD 1.99 На Айтюнс
9Be a Clown22:14USD 1.99 На Айтюнс
10Two-Face, Pt. 122:17USD 1.99 На Айтюнс
11Two-Face, Pt. 222:20USD 1.99 На Айтюнс
12It's Never Too Late22:16USD 1.99 На Айтюнс
13I've Got Batman In My Basement22:09USD 1.99 На Айтюнс
14Heart of Ice22:17USD 1.99 На Айтюнс
15The Cat and the Claw, Pt. 122:16USD 1.99 На Айтюнс
16The Cat and the Claw, Pt. 222:16USD 1.99 На Айтюнс
17See No Evil22:15USD 1.99 На Айтюнс
18Beware of the Gray Ghost22:15USD 1.99 На Айтюнс
19Prophecy of Doom22:17USD 1.99 На Айтюнс
20Feat of Clay, Pt. 121:48USD 1.99 На Айтюнс
21Feat of Clay, Pt. 222:22USD 1.99 На Айтюнс
22Joker's Favor22:20USD 1.99 На Айтюнс
23Vendetta22:20USD 1.99 На Айтюнс
24Fear of Victory22:17USD 1.99 На Айтюнс
25The Clock King22:21USD 1.99 На Айтюнс
26Appointment In Crime Alley22:19USD 1.99 На Айтюнс
27Mad As a Hatter22:14USD 1.99 На Айтюнс
28Dreams In Darkness22:21USD 1.99 На Айтюнс



  • Episode air dates are incorrect

    От stuartsippel
    Glad to have this collection of episodes in my library, although the air dates are listed incorrectly on the files with some showing 1992, others showing 2003 and 2008. It’s a small detail but it’s bothersome nonetheless.
  • Ley q. Algún l

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  • cool cool

    От Papa's Freezeria
  • Awesome

    От SAvAgE sPeeD
    Great shows
  • Some eps refuse to play

    От El Dirado
    I press the play button and the screen goes dark then it just goes back to the ep selection screen
  • Such a great adaptation

    От Barrawr
    This is not a kids’ television series, it’s just a great adaptation of The Dark Knight
  • Must

    От Riderb4
    Perfect it empowers the dark nature of Batman yet still embodies the values and the morality behind the character/characters very great for kids and just a great show in general a MUST have
  • The best animated and version from Batman

    От RomeoSkywalker
    The original animated version is the best! Please, where is The New Batman Adventures and Batman: Mask of the Phantasm, Batman & Mr. Freeze: SubZero, Batman: Mystery of the Batwoman, Batman: The Killing Joke?