The West Wing, Season 3

The West Wing, Season 3

The West Wing

  • Жанр: Drama
  • Дата Релиза: 2001-10-03
  • Рекомендации: TV-14
  • Эпизод: 23
  • Цена на iTunes: USD 29.99
  • Цена на iTunes HD: 29.99 USD
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Experience the inner workings of the White House in this innovative drama series created by Emmy® winner Aaron Sorkin (Sports Night). Martin Sheen (Apocalypse Now) leads a commended ensemble cast. The West Wing continues to earn its acclaim in its third Emmy® Award-winning season. Starting with a bang — and a boom — the first episode deals with the aftermath of a terrorist attack, and has the White House in security lockdown. The drama continues through the season's 23 episodes, as the president and his players mine the delicate political terrain amidst personal trials and triumphs.


1Isaac and Ishmael41:24USD 1.99 На Айтюнс
2Manchester, Pt. 143:32USD 1.99 На Айтюнс
3Manchester, Pt. 243:21USD 1.99 На Айтюнс
4Ways and Means43:35USD 1.99 На Айтюнс
5On the Day Before43:34USD 1.99 На Айтюнс
6War Crimes43:42USD 1.99 На Айтюнс
7Gone Quiet42:29USD 1.99 На Айтюнс
8The Indians In the Lobby43:10USD 1.99 На Айтюнс
9The Women of Qumar43:33USD 1.99 На Айтюнс
10Bartlet for America44:27USD 1.99 На Айтюнс
11H. Con-17243:24USD 1.99 На Айтюнс
12100,000 Airplanes43:00USD 1.99 На Айтюнс
13The Two Bartlets43:19USD 1.99 На Айтюнс
14Night Five43:31USD 1.99 На Айтюнс
15Hartsfield's Landing43:31USD 1.99 На Айтюнс
16Dead Irish Writers42:03USD 1.99 На Айтюнс
17The U.S. Poet Laureate43:33USD 1.99 На Айтюнс
18Stirred41:47USD 1.99 На Айтюнс
19Enemies Foreign and Domestic43:33USD 1.99 На Айтюнс
20The Black Vera Wang42:31USD 1.99 На Айтюнс
21We Killed Yamamoto43:31USD 1.99 На Айтюнс
22Posse Comitatus43:30USD 1.99 На Айтюнс
23The West Wing Special Episode42:08USD 1.99 На Айтюнс

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